Our company is the exclusive distributor in Greece for the complete series of OKADA demolition equipment. Okada has been manufacturing exclusively demolition equipment such as hydraulic breakers and hydraulic crushers for more than 75 years. The absolute specialization and devotion in their manufacture have established the Okada name a synonym with the term demolition and have led the company in the first position of sales on a global scale concerning hydraulic crushers. Okada products are characterized by the professionals that use them as “Heavy Duty”. The production of each part of an Okada product as well as their assembly, take place exclusively in Japan. They are manufactured with the stringent quality criteria with the purpose to work under the most demanding applications worldwide such as the demolition of Japanese constructions due to their increased reinforcement so that they may withstand the particularly high and frequent seismic activity. The continuous effort dating back to 1938 for innovative and of high quality and performance products, as well as the highest customer satisfaction have given Okada the title of “Master of Demolition”. The basic principles behind each Okada product are summarized in the following.

  • Heavy Duty – Manufactured to withstand the hardest work conditions.
  • Long Durability – Larger life expectancy than the products of the competition.
  • Non Downtime – Continuous and fault-free operation.

Okada combines in its products all the latest available technologies and at the same times innovates by continuously presenting new exclusive and patented products such as the first pulverizer with magnet, specially designed for managing and collecting the metal members from the concrete debris. Pan Trading Machinery AB in an exclusive partnership with Okada offers to the Greek market the whole range of Okada products, such as hydraulic breakers ranging from 55 up to 5600 kilograms, hydraulic crushers of all types and uses (Primary Crushers , Pulverizers , Cutters) ranging from 160 up to 9700 kilograms, as well as Grapples ranging from 225 up to 2500 kilograms. In our facilities there is always a large number of available Okada products as well as a complete spare part warehouse for the fastest service of our customers. After we help you choose the correct equipment, we also undertake the proper installation and configuration of the equipment on your machine.